FPS 3000 Dental X-Ray Complete position




1. The FPS3000 film positioning system has made your guide to perfect x-rays much easier.


2. FPS3000 is the most comprehensive and durable system available today.


3. Our film holding system has been the state-of-the-art in dental radiography for over a third of a century. Steadily refined over the years, recent improvements have made today’s


4. FPS3000 easier to use and brought a new level of patient comfort.


5. Now the FPS3000 brings precise film positioning to a whole new area – endodontics.


6. Aligns film and prevents cone cutting, for perfect x-rays every time. FPS3000 long-cone technique reduces distortion.


7. Color-coded for easy assembly


8. Rounded bite blocks with no sharp edges improve comfort; open bite block design gives a softer bite


9. NEW! Anterior vertical bite-wings using #1 x-ray film


10. Same-arch bite technique for bite-wings with a more closed bite


11. Thinner, lighter aiming rings, compatible with rectangular and round open-ended PIDs


12. New, shorter arms fit all intraoral x-ray units, guide PID for proper alignment


13. Fully steam autoclavable

FPS 3000 Dental X-Ray Complete Positioning System XCP-DS Type Positioner Holders


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