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  •  Portable DC X-ray unit

    Original price was: $680.00.Current price is: $600.00.
  • 100PCs Endo Syringes Dental Endo

    Original price was: $17.00.Current price is: $15.00.


    1.Irrigation Needle Tips

    2.Bendable needle 1″ monoject style ( End-Closed Side) needle tips

    3.Used for cannal, perio, pocket safely and perfectly

    4.Disposable use

    5.Please don’t use if package is damaged

    6.Discard the needle after use

    7.For irrigation of Root canals

    8.Periodontal pockets


    1.Goods are sent at random, can not selectable color. Maybe will send the same color, hope you can understand.

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  • 3-in-1 Drill Machine & Vacuum Cleaner

    Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $240.00.


    Power: 65w

    Speed: 0-35000RPM


    100-120V, 60Hz

    220-240V 50Hz

    Material: ABS

    Power adapter: EU PLUG/US PLUG


    ◆ Vacuum cleaner, LED lighting, sander three in one

    ◆ 360-degree rotating duct, high-power super suction

    ◆ ABS environmental protection plastic

    Integrated polishing pen storage

    ◆ Full touch control panel

    ◆ Intensive dust suction net cover

    ◆ Replaceable high-density filter

    ◆ Porous heat dissipation, no need to worry about heating

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  • 50000RPM Brushless Manicure




    1.Application area: widely used in precise grinding, carving and


    polishing for false teeth, precious stone, jewelry, nails, mold,


    handicrafts and so on.


    2.0~50,000rpm High-powered Brushless motor


    3.Lowest noise and Vibration, Maximal efficiency


    4.As to use the high torque brushless motor, vibration and noise


    are minimized , and the work efficiency is much improved.



    Volt: 110-220V 50-60Hz


    Power: 100w


    Max speed: 50000Rpm


    Max torque:

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  • 65W Strong Electric Grinding Machine




    1. Rated voltage :110V/60HZ, 220V/50HZ(Please set the voltage before using the machine)

    2. Power Input: 110V AC 60HZ

    220V AC 50HZ

    2. Out voltage: DC 0 – 32V

    3. Power: 65W Max

    4. Rated Speed: 1000 – 45000RPM (Max)

    5. Plug: EU/US

    Suitable for bur size: 2.35mm


    1. Don’t change the turning directions too frequently,otherwise,it will damage the grinding head.

    2. Turn the speed control counterclockwise to decelerate the grinding head to the minimum before turning off and switch the main power source to 0.

    3. After operation put the grinding head on the top of the mail panel.

    4. When adjusting the speed, do not press the right switch button, wait for the handle stop and then press.

    5. Furlong idle time,please disconnect the source power

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  • Adjustable Magnetic Articulator Dental Lab Equipment For Dentist





    1.Lightweight, high-quality articulator securely holds


    full models.


    2.Conserve materials and time! Quickly and easily mount pre-cast


    dental models with the high quality, lightweight .


    3.With Magnetic articulator, you can securely mount and remove


    any size full


    model casts. Serrated C-clamps lock models tightly with a quick


    adjustment, and a single bolt tightens upper arch into its


    natural occlusion. Rubber-lined base plate ensures secure mount


    and protects models. Quick-release hinge allows separation of


    arches. Strong, aluminum alloy construction with nickel chromium






    Material: Aluminium alloy



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  • Dental 35K Rpm and Grinder Power N3


    Motor Description ​

    1. Compact sized control box with precise small and strong micromotor handpiece. ​
    2. Very High-powered and quality 0-35,000rpm Made by SHIYANG.
    3. Our product has a virtue is tool exchange method which using CAM(twist the handle counter-clock wise to change the bur and can be easily restored back to the original position). ​
    4. Another virture is non stage speed system(it’s well designed to output from 0— 35,000rpm by using non stage speed system).
    5. Right & Left turning ability ​
    6. Foot ON/OFF switch system ​
    7. Burs size :2.35 mm ​
    8. 3/32″ chuck

    Content: ​

    • 1 x SHIYANG Micro motor N3 S05
    • ​1 x Power Control unit
    • ​1 x Foot Control system ​
    • 1 x Handpiece Suppor Handpiece handle​


    1. Portable Design- it is very convenient to use and take Installed special ball bearings for super high speed (So do not need add oil)
    2. 35,000 RPM’s provides higher speeds, greater torque
    3. Newly designed front nose with 2 heavy duty front bearings
    4. Newly designed dust seal protection ​
    5. Newly designed spindle balancing, ​
    6. Newly designed cooling fan and air flow, ​
    7. Newly designed plastic grip ​

    Technical  Parameter:

    1. ​Burs size: 2.35 mm ​
    2. Speed range: 0-35,000 R.P.M ​
    3. Collet size: 3/32” ​
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  • Dental Handpiece Maintenance Oil System

    Original price was: $495.00.Current price is: $490.00.




    Economical, efficient and time-saving.


    It is able to ensure the cleaning and refueling of dental handpieces.


    Three handpiceds can be cleaned and lubricated simultaneously keeping your hands clean.


    The use of dental handpiece can improve the maintenance drive 40% of life.


    It can clean and refuel three dental handpieces at the same time (two pc high speed and one pc low speed).


    After finishing the cleaning and fuel injection, press “Air” button to remove the excess residual oil inside the dental handpieces.


    Smart working mode aovid setting the oiling time every time.




    Voltage Rating: AC110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz


    Air Pressure: 4kg/cm² – 8kg/cm²


    Rated power: 40W


    Can Volume: 300ml


    Working temperature: 5℃ – 40℃



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  • Dental Heating Instrument Composite Heater


    Description of product:


    Heater designed for heating composite resin material,improve the flow of its adhesive properties;At the same time it can also be used to heat adhesive when used manual equipment.

    Heater use the precision circuit control module to heat,control the temperature tolerance within 1 degree,According to your choice of material and it can set any integer temperatue within 40-70℃

    Some materials and recommended temperatue

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  • Dental Lab Parallel Surveyor Equipment with tools handpiece holder





    Dental Lab Surveyor


    Fully adjustable


    Complete set with handpiece holder precise angle


    6PCS Attached exchangeable spindle

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  • Dentsply Protaper Universal (Rotary) – Refills


    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:  ProTaper Gold File Size Speed [rpm] Torque [N•cm] ProTaper Gold S1 & SX 300 5.1 ProTaper Gold S2 & F1  300 1.5 ProTaper Gold F2, F3, F4, F5 300 3.1   Packaging Pack of 6 Files

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  • Kit Dentist Implant Restoration Tool


    Dental Implant Torque Wrench Ratchet Kit


    Torque Wrench:10-70Ncm

    Short drivers:8.5mm

    Long drivers:13.5mm

    Medical Grade Stainless Steel

    100% Top Quality

    135°C Autoclavable,the box can also be sterilized

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  • Meta Biomed Gutta Percha Points 0.06 Taper GP

    Meta Biomed Gutta Percha Points 0.06 Taper GP

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  • Portable Dental Unit with Air Compressor



    This is 4 Hole, if you need 2 hole, please leave us message


    Easily transported suitcase with pull-out handle and wheels,

    dentist may move the unit freely and conveniently;

    Compact structure, self-contained bag for storage to save your


    Consists of related operation system inside the dental treatment

    unit, such as air supply,

    water supply, suction and drainage;

    Easy to set up and operate. Install the parts correctly and with

    correct power supply,

    control the unit with foot switch is OK;

    High quality motor with steady performance, solid box to ensure

    anti-fall, service time

    exceeds 20,000 hours;

    Oil free motor without any lubricated oil, drainage bottle is

    convenient to move and disinfect;


    Volt/Hz: 110/60Hz  220V/50Hz

    Power: 600W

    Pressure: 0-8bar

    Air Flow: 118L/min at 0Bar

    Working Pressure: 0-0.6Mpa

    Working Noise: 48dB

    Fuse: 5*20mm 10A

    Net Weight: 30kg

    Gross Weight: 35kg

    Product Size: 41x29x63cm

    Package Include:

    Dental Silent Air Compressor 1set

    Saliva Ejector 1pc

    3-Way Syringe 1pc

    High and Low speed Handpiece Tubing 1pc each

    LED curing light 1pc

    Ultrasonic scaler 1pc

    Clean Water Supply System 1set

    Drainage System 1set

    Stainless steel air tank 1set

    Foot Control 2pcs

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  • Ultrathin WIFI 8 Million Pixels High-Definition

    Original price was: $499.00.Current price is: $480.00.



    Ultra-thin body


    White Light LED 6 Pieces


    Power Source: DC-12V


    Operation Temp.: -20°C ~ 60°C


    Color: White


    Voltage: 100-240V


    Screen Size:17inch


    lmage Sensor: CMOS1/4


    Operating System: Embedded Operating System


    Picture Display:1 Picture / 4 Pictures / 16 Pictures


    System Operation: Remote Control / Key Control


    Backup Mode: Backup to USB device automatically


    Storage Capacity: Max 32G


    Picture Storage Format: JPG


    Focus Range: 5MM–50MM


    Consumption: 30W


    WIFI Transmission:Yes


    Package includes:


    1*Multimedia Integrated Monitor


    1*Intraoral Camera


    1*Remote Control


    1*DC Adapter (12V)


    1*DC Cable


    1*Intraoral Camera Cable


    1*Intraoral Camera Holder Bracket


    1*Intraoral Camera Holder


    1*WIFI Receiver


    1*USB Device(8G)


    1*Screw for Holder and Bracket


    1*Intraoral Camera Cover

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