Aluminum Oxide Micro Blaster


Product installation:

The sandblasting machine is directly supplied with air and water from the dental chair

Connect the sandblasting machine directly to the cell phone tube to concentrate the water and powder

It can reduce whitening powder or aluminum powder

Dust is generated during use and can be operated in the wash basin without the need for a dust box.

Product Usage:

1. Extraoral application:

Used for surface cleaning and micro roughening treatment before bonding

Metal/Porcelain Jar

Fiber post


Maryland Bridge

Orthodontic brackets and holder

Remove the original adhesive layer cement before the second bonding

Defect detection of metal casting restorations

Inspection of metal crown restoration defects detection

Check the precise installation and occlusion of the metal crown

2. Intraoral application

Surface micro-roughening in the restoration of porcelain or resin defects

Dental Aluminum Oxide Micro Blaster With Water Spray Microetcher


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