2pcs 2Hole High Speed Handpiece

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– 2-hole standard push button handpiece

– 1-way spray

– Stainless steel bearing

– High temperature steaming at 135℃

– Under normal circumstances bearing life: 5-10 months

– It has unique appearance design and fluent outline.

– Smooth as silk, it has excellent texture.

– People-friendly design, it is easy for operation.

– Best quality cartridge, it is easier for cleaning.

– High-speed turbine rotation, it has better performances.

– Noise-free and stable.

– Applicable Bur: 1.6mm and should be conformed to ISO standard.

– Only for people who have dentistry medical qualification.

2pcs 2Hole High Speed Handpiece+1pc 4Hole Low Speed Handpiece+1pc dental box


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