2-Hole Dental LED Low Speed Inner Water

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This Handpiece Kit includes 3 main parts. That is Contra angle,Straight angle and Air Motor 2Hole.

They all have good performance and long working lifespan. Low noise, high torque, vibration free,

heating free and high illumination.Contra/Straight Angle Push button, Unenclosed Cartridge, LED lamp and so on.



Inner water spray with push button and LED light Handpiece

Chuck Type: push button type

Contra angle LED Handpiece

Straight angle Handpiece

Air Motor 2-Hole

Can be used with fiber optic system

Can be autoclavable at 0.22Mpa

Self-illuminated, natural LED light

Main Specifications:


Contra angle and Straight Angle:

Supply Air Pressure: 0.30Mpa-0.35Mpa

Supply Voltage: 3.0-3.8V

Rotate Speed: ≥18000r.p.m

Bur Applicable: Φ2.345-2.355mm

Air consumption: about 56L/min (4-Hole)

2-Hole Dental LED Low Speed Inner Water Fiber Optic Handpiece Kit Push Button


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